We automate the manufacturing of sheet metal components

At CESTEC2000, the focus is on automating the manufacturing of sheet metal components. Established in 2023, the company brings together the combined expertise of CESCO EPC, TECHNOBINS, and MECC2000 to provide automated solutions for businesses within the CESCO group.

The company’s advanced equipment includes a newly installed punching line with automatic storage and two bending presses, one of which is equipped with a robotic arm handling system.

This investment ensures top-tier quality, efficiency, and precision in sheet metal punching and bending operations, resulting in the rapid and accurate delivery of components.

Business areas

  • Sheet metal punching
  • Bending

Contact us

CESTEC 2000 S.R.L.
Via Rene Cartesio, 2
42122 – Reggio Emilia (RE)