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CESCO conveyors are expertly designed to provide flexible and modular horizontal or slightly inclined conveying solutions for cereals, meals, pellets, and other granular products. Our conveyors feature a completely closed conveying system that enables loading and unloading of the product at several points, even in reversible mode, with zero loss during conveying. Thanks to the complete bolted system, our conveyors also offer easy cleaning, maintenance, and safety during operation.

At CESCO, we pay special attention to the shape of the internal part of the casing to limit wear and extend the life of the machine. Additionally, we prevent product deposits at the end of the conveying operation to ensure optimal performance. Our conveyors are built with the highest quality materials and are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the grain industry.

Chain conveyors CC 200 300 340 420

Chain conveyors CC 550 650 900

Bucket elevator BBE 180 280 330 370

Bucket elevator BBE 660 900 1550

Roller belt conveyor RBC 500M 650M 800M 1000M

Fully enclosed belt conveyor RBC 600E 800E 1000E 1200E

Roller belt conveyor RBC 800H 1000H 1200H 1400H