Port grain terminals

Port grain terminals require appropriate technologies to optimize processes, efficient loading and unloading, and tight schedules. At CESCO, we understand the importance of solid logistical transport concepts that allow for variable loading options and prevent congestion. Our team of highly qualified engineers and extensive product portfolio allows us to meet individual customer requirements, from technological consultations to project feasibility studies, assistance for construction and use approvals, and statics calculations according to Eurocode.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including building construction and civil engineering, steel construction, electrical and utility planning, project development, tendering, procurement, project management, installation, and assembly of silo systems, complete conveying technology, including loading/unloading equipment, measuring and sensor technology, and ventilation and machine houses.

Our innovative steel construction solutions and technological storage solutions are designed to meet the client’s needs. We work closely with our clients to develop customized layouts and ensure the highest degree of mechanization to achieve optimal efficiency in port grain storage terminals.

Port grain terminals REFERENCES

Port grain terminals PRODUCTS

Chain conveyors CC 200 300 340 420

Chain conveyors CC 550 650 900

Bucket elevator BBE 180 280 330 370

Bucket elevator BBE 660 900 1550

Roller belt conveyor RBC 500M 650M 800M 1000M

Fully enclosed belt conveyor RBC 600E 800E 1000E 1200E

Roller belt conveyor RBC 800H 1000H 1200H 1400H

Cylindrical Hopper Silos HBS

Cylindrical Flat Bottom Silos FBS

Smooth Square Silos SSS

Corrugated Square Silos CSS

Buffer bins BBS