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Our process equipment solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and performance for various industries, including food and agriculture. We offer a range of high-quality equipment, such as continuous flow dryers, drum cleaners, screeners, spot filters, magnetic separators, and milling equipment.

At CESCO, we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure that our equipment is customized to fit their specific processes and applications. We are able to integrate different top suppliers for the dryers, cleaner and screener, depending on the customer demands, to provide the best solution for their needs.

Our Spot Filters offer a compact and effective solution for removing dust and impurities from air or gas streams in grain processing operations. While our Magnetic Separators are designed to remove metal contaminants from grain streams, ensuring product quality and safety.

Our Milling Equipment is the result of decades of research and development in the grain processing industry. We design and manufacture high-quality machines that are capable of efficiently and effectively grinding grains into flour, and then sifting it to remove any impurities. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific demands of each customer, with a range of configurations and options available.

Spot filter SFHN 612 619 624

Spot filter SFVN 612 619 624

Magnetic separator MS 400 600 800 1000